ABOUT Defect Claim Process

Construction Defect Claim Development

In matters involving significant damages, complex issues and a multitude of parties, strategic planning, coupled with financial and legal resources, form the cornerstones of success.

The attorneys at Fenton Grant Kaneda & Litt, llp have been fortunate to develop a reputation amongst clients, colleagues and adversaries as a firm that meets a commitment to excellence on every case handled. As each case is developed, the firm communicates with clients on a consistent basis in order to ensure the highest degree of service.

Our firm works with the finest experts and consultants in their respective fields including, but not limited to, architects, engineers, general contractors and cost estimators. We use the most advanced technologies available to document and prove the firm’s cases.

As part of our claim development strategy, the firm utilizes state of the art computer software and case management systems, as well as document scanning and coding. These systems provide the firm with the ability to handle complex cases involving hundreds of thousands of documents.

Description of Legal Process

  • Step 1Contact by Property Owner, Association Manager or Board Member regarding construction issues.
  • Step 2Research project to determine applicable statutes and legal standing.
  • Step 3Complete initial site evaluation with architectural and engineering consultants.
  • Step 4Meet with the Client to discuss findings and remedies.
  • Step 5Serve applicable notices and follow prescribed legal steps.
  • Step 6Adjudicate the claim through mediation, arbitration, or jury trial.
  • Step 7Provide post settlement services during the repair process.