You deserve a strong foundation High-Rise


High-Rise and mid-rise buildings present unique challenges that are not present for normal condominium type projects. There are differing legal approaches and strategies for urban construction and statutes of limitations that affect the varying type of building components not found in a condo project. The building’s investigation also requires specialized expertise and presents challenges to the testing and evidence collection process. The forensic consultants and construction professionals we hire to work on these claims have the experience and knowledge required for these specialized claims. The developers’ insurance policies for the urban project are also drastically different from those in a condo project. There are many complex layers and multiple carriers to navigate.

Most construction defect lawyers focus their practices only on typical residential condo projects. They lack the experience necessary to handle the complex issues frequently involved in urban high-rise and mid-rise projects. This can be detrimental in advancing your claim to a successful resolution or recovering the necessary funds to make the proper repairs. Obtaining a successful recovery requires an experienced law firm that can navigate through the unique differences of urban construction.